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Divine Wisdoms. Page 3.

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Giving and immortality go hand in hand.

By giving without asking, you attract everything that you're capable of handling or needing. By putting yourself last, you end up ahead.

Everyone is God speaking. Why not be polite and listen to him.

Stop the chase and become a witness.

By holding back ego's demands, even for a few moments, you will feel more and more fulfilled.

One who lives in accordance with nature does not go against the way of things. He moves in harmony with the present moment, always knowing the truth of just what to do.

View others as an extention of yourself.

The usefulness of what is, depends on what is not.

Your imperceptible centre is your vital essence.

Nowhere to now here.

Be still and know that I am God.

The place of your origination is stillness, from which all of creation comes.

Be still and wait for the waters to become clear.

Stop trying to push the river.

Trust in the eternal wisdom that flows through you.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Take time to be an impartial observer of life, particularly when an ending is causing despair.

Trade in striving for arriving.

Quantum physics teaches that particles emerge from an invisible and formless energy field.

You must be empty in order to become filled. Remain open to all possibilities.

When you suspend your pomposity and rigidity, others recognise themselves in your flexible nature, and they will trust you.

Bend gracefully with the winds of life. Everything eventualy blows over.

Provide for others, and ask for nothing in return.

Change your life by conciously choosing to be in a state of gratitude.

When you see the world as full of opportunities to help, one thought and one action at a time, you will be living by your inner light.

Let go of any ideas you have about controling anything or anyone, including yourself.

Allow what you are experiencing to go forward without criticism or complaint or control; In this way you move to the center.

Any belief that ego can control life is an illusion.

Don't compete, cooperate!

Eliminate verbal and/or physical force in all situations.

Refuse to participate in violent actions in any way.

Begin to see the use of verbal or physical weapons as unwanted responses.

Discontinue celebrating death or violence in any form.

Pay attention to the flow of your life.

Look for a new, joyous feeling within you.

I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience.

By not claiming greatness, you will achieve greatness.

Discontinue deciding what anyone else should or should not be doing.

The wisdom of obscurity allows you to eliminate competition from your life and retreat into quiet strength.

Stay under the radar and you will outlast all who strive to be recognised.

Strive to know oneness by seeking awareness of opposites.

Draw little or no attention to yourself, and don't ask to be recognised. Instead, allow, allow, allow. Take your own lesson from the fish that endure, and stay in the deep waters of your tao-directed soul. Stay soft and gentle and you will endure.

When life is simple, pretences fall away; our essential nature shines through.

By not wanting, there is calm, and the world will straighten itself. When there is silence, one finds the anchor of the universe within oneself.

Cultivate your unique, natural self.

You don't have to be better than anyone else. You don't have to win. You don't have to be no.1 or no.27, or any other number. Give yourself permission to just "be".

Expect to see the essential nature of others by remaining silent.

The highest virtue is to act without a sense of self. The highest kindness is to give without condition. The highest justice is to see without preference.

The great master follows his own nature and not the trappings of life.

Wholeness and humility are one and the same.

Cultivate your relationship with the planet. Become an advocate for conservation.

Monitor your direction, emphasizing returning and yielding.

Am I getting away from my originating place, or am I returning to it?

The more you yield each day, the more you return to peace and harmony.

Inner peace is true power.

The truth is unprovable in physical terms.

Behind the world our name encloses is the nameless: Our true archetype and home.

Vow to be a child again as often as possible!

Be an observer rather than an owner.

Start seeing everything as God, but keep it a secret!

Your softness will override the hardness of others.

God's one and only voice is silence!

Stillness and tranquility set things in order in the universe.

See imperfections as perfect, even if your ego mind cannot comprehend this.

Every object, every creature, every man, woman and child has a soul, and it is the destiny of all.

You are the truth from foot to brow, now, what else would you like to know?

Contentment alone is enough. Indeed, the bliss of eternity can be found in your contentment.

Your experience of inner peace becomes your true guage of accomplishment. Practice gratitude and contentment every day.

True mastery can be gained by letting things go there own way. It cannot be gained by interfering.

Practice seeing joy in the natural world, rather than seeking fulfillment in ownership.

Realise your essence and you will witness the end without ending.

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature.

Keep your mouth shut, guard the senses, and life is ever full. Open your mouth, always be busy, and life is without hope.

Open mouth- spirit escapes.
Closed mouth- spirit connection excellent!

Your existence is a return trip to the place where all the planets' creations emerge.